Tuesday, April 11, 2017

International Feedwater Heater Manufacuter

April 2017 - Hartford Wisconsin

When it comes to Feedwater Heaters, choose AM-EX as your experts for any of your Feedwater Heater needs. AM-EX is an HEI member company and AM-EX prides itself on engineering expertise. AM-EX offers expertise in Feedwater Heater Design, Feedwater Heater Manufacturing, Feedwater Heater Retbuing, Turnkey Feedwater Heater Solutions and Feedwater Heater After Market Services. Contact AM-EX with your next Feedwater Heater specifications. 

AM-EX are experts in 
1) High Pressure (HP) Feedwater Heater Design and Manufacturing 
2) Low Pressure (LP) Feedwater Heater Design and Manufacturing 
3) Intermediate Pressure (IP) Feedwater Heater Design and Manufacturing 
4) Horizontal Feedwater Heater Design and Manufacturing 
5) Vertical Feedwater Heater Design and Manufacturing 
6) Feedwater Heater Installation 
7) Feedwater Heater Service 
8) Feedwater Heater Explosive Tube Plugging 

High-Pressure Vertical Head Down Feedwater Heater - AM-EX Design and AM-EX Manufactured

Monday, April 10, 2017

Process Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Retube

April 2017 - Hartford Wisconsin

Retube: The U-Tubes of this heat exchanger will soon be extracted, baffles scrapped, and the unit retubed with new baffles. The soon to be "good as new" heat exchanger bundles will then be delivered back to our customer. Contact AM-EX for your process heat exchanger needs!

Although AM-EX is best known for our Feedwater Heater Design and Feedwater Heater Manufacturing, AM-EX also specializes in process heat exchangers for the pulp and paper, process, and food industries. Contact AM-EX with your "made in the USA" heat exchanger specifications.

Process Heat Exchanger AM-EX Retube

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Perfectly Level - AM-EX Turnkey Feedwater Heater Project - High Pressure Feedwater Heaters

April 2017 - Hartford Wisconsin

American Exchanger Services, Inc. or simply AM-EX for short specializes in the design of Feedwater Heaters, Manufacture of Feedwater Heaters, and Turnkey Solutions and Installations of Feedwater Heaters. No matter what your requirements may be for Feedwater Heaters, make sure that AM-EX is part of your solution!

Plumb is Perfect - AM-EX High Pressure Feedwater Heater Installation
AM-EX High Pressure Feedwater Heater - Ready For AM-EX Installation