Tuesday, May 31, 2016

AM-EX Explosive Tube Joint Welding

When it comes to engineering and manufacturing of High Pressure Feedwater Heaters, tubejoint selection is critical. To meet your highest degree of reliability, explosive tubejoint welding provides the highest level of tubejoint integrity possible. This solid state joining of metals provides a level of strength, corrosion resistance and leak tightness, which is equal to the parent metals. Since in explosive welding there is no melting and re-solidification of the materials, there is no significant change to the material properties. The weld remains protected from the operating fluids since it is located in the bore of the tubehole. Since the process involves an internal expansion, there are no high residual thermal stresses as a result of the cooling off of the weld. In traditional welded tunejoints, the hot tube is welded, and wants to shrink after cooling off. The explosive process is essentially a cold process with no heat effected zone. The welds come from achieving significant material reduction in mechanical strength to the point where the materials are acting as liquids while at the same time as applying a high interfacial pressure. The key point with explosive tube joint welding is that the faster you move a metal, the lower is its' strength. 

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Look Inside an Old Feedwater Heater Bundle

Ever wonder what the inside of your feedwater heater looks like after years of operation? Take a look at this photo below:
AM-EX Opens Up a Feedwater Heater For a Retube
Choose American Exchanger Services, Inc (AM-EX) for your Feedwater Heater Manufacturer and Service Provider. AM-EX specialize in new, replacement, retubing, and re-bundling of feedwater heaters. AM-EX also provides explosive tube plugging options for the most reliable tube plugs available.


AM-EX designs and manufactures various pulp and paper heat exchangers.  This cold blow cooler was scheduled with a very tight delivery on a full stainless shell and tube heat exchanger. AM-EX crews worked tirelessly to meet the delivery and the unit left during third shift between 3am and 4am.
AM-EX Designed & Manufactured Cold Blow Cooler Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger 

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American Exchanger Services, Inc, is an international supplier of Pulp and Paper Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Replacing a Tube Bundle for this LP Feedwater Heater

AM-EX is your source for Feedwater Heater Retubing and Rebundling services, either onsite or at our facilities. It is generally preferred to perform this work at AM-EX facilities, however every job is different, and has different requirements. AM-EX has a long, deep rooted, experience list with regards to retubing Low Pressure (LP) Feedwater Heaters and High Pressure (HP) Feedwater Heaters.

In the photograph below, AM-EX unloads an entire LP Feedwater Heater from a customer. The LP Feedwater Heater photographed will be replaced with an AM-EX manufactured replacement LP Feedwater Heater Tube Bundle (New Tubes, New Tubesheet, New Support Plates, New Baffles, Etc).

AM-EX Retubing Low Pressure (LP) Feedwater Heater (FWH)
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Monday, May 16, 2016


American Exchanger Services, Inc. or simply AM-EX for short is the world wide industry leader when it comes to Explosive Tube Plugging. Explosive tube plugging is the most reliable form of heat exchanger tube plugging available, and most suitable for high pressure applications. Typical applications are with regards to High Pressure Feedwater Heaters. Contact AM-EX for your explosive welded tube plugging field services.  AM-EX has been providing explosive tube plugging services for over 32 years! 

As a global provider of emergency services for your most time-critical problems, AM-EX explosive tube plugging and explosive tube plug services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure heat exchanger integrity to meet your outage requirements. AM-EX explosive tube plugging services are available for both domestic and international customers.

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Published for the 2013 EPRI Feedwater Heater Technology Seminar

Author: Thomas J Muldoon, PE and President of American Exchanger Services, Inc. (AM-EX).


In Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) conferences during the 70’s and 80’s, discussions on high reliability feedwater heaters included consideration of the use of long partial pass drainscoolers (L-DC) in horizontal feedwater heaters. The result of these reports was a recommendation by EPRI to use L-DC’s for greater reliability than the S-DC. These reports point out that the external DC’s are the most reliable and efficient but are considerably more expensive. Since then, contrary to the EPRI recommendations, there have been very few long drainscoolers or even external drainscoolers put in service in the United States. Short full pass drainscoolers (S-DC) are the standard. While S-DC have provided good service, there have been many heaters replaced or expensive repairs made due to problems with the design and operation of these zones. Many utilities have experienced high drainscooler approaches, shroud weld failures, water hammer in outlet piping and tube failures as a result of the operation of the S-DC. The L-DC design is more robust and less sensitive to low pressure and off-load operation. Eliminating the drainscooler end plate (DCEP) through the use of a L-DC, eliminates many of the problems associated with the S-DC. Submerging the shroud also reduces the high cost of shroud weld issues. The principal advantage of the S-DC is a slightly lower cost and simpler thermal design than the L-DC.

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AM-EX Four Pass Long Drains Cooler Low Pressure Feedwater Heater
AM-EX 4 Pass Long Drains Cooler LP Feedwater Heater

Friday, May 13, 2016

Condensate Polisher - On Time Shipment

American Exchanger Services, Inc. (or simply AM-EX) is your source for the highest quality, on time, and on budget shell and tube heat exchangers. This week AM-EX shipped a Condensate Polisher, Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, to a domestic customer. Contact AM-EX for any of your Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger requirements. 

AM-EX performs all designs, fabrication, and manufacturing out of our three locations in Wisconsin, USA. Contact you AM-EX professionals for any technical or commercial requirements. Follow American Exchanger Services, Inc. on LinkedIn. 

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Freon Condenser Ships

Although here at American Exchanger Services, Inc., or simply AM-EX for short, we tend to focus on large high pressure feedwater heaters, low pressure feedwater heaters, and steam surface condensers - AM-EX is also an industry leader in general TEMA type shell and tube heat exchangers such as the small 10 inch diameter Freon Condenser for a Nuclear Power Plant application.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

AM-EX at the Wisconsin International Trade Conference 2016

Come and find AM-EX professionals attending the Wisconsin International Trade Conference this year (2016) at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee.

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