Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Condenser Retube - American Exchanger Services, Inc. (AM-EX) - 2017

February 2017 - USA

It is time to push thousands and thousands of condenser tubes at American Exchanger Services, Inc. (AM-EX) condenser retubing project.

AM-EX Condenser Retube - Condenser Tubing 

Contact AM-EX for your condenser retube requirements. Select AM-EX as your condenser retubing company.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Condenser Retubing Services - American Exchanger Services, Inc. (AM-EX) - Main Steam Condenser Retube 2017

February, 2017 - USA

Did you know that AM-EX has been retubing main steam condensers for well over 3 decades? Check out this video of AM-EX designed and AM-EX manufactured retubing equipment. AM-EX has decades of both domestic and international condenser retube experience.


In addition, AM-EX is and HEI member company and known American manufacturer of main steam condensers. In addition, AM-EX thermal engineering and general engineering support for both domestic and international customers is world renowned, particularly if your project requires a material change or up-rating turbine conditions. When it comes to your condenser retube requirements, contact Sales@amexservices.com

From 25MW to 1,200MW Condensers - Choose AM-EX for your Condenser Retube 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

February Condenser Retube - American Exchanger Services, Inc. - Main Steam Condenser Retubing Experts

February 8th 2017 - United States of America 

American Exchanger Services, Inc. (AM-EX) has decades of main steam condenser retube experience. AM-EX first main steam condenser retube was in 1986. AM-EX has full manufacturing capabilities to support any of our customers requirements. In the event that a replacement tubesheet is required during the main steam condenser retube, AM-EX has the capabilities to CNC machine and drill any size condenser tubesheet at our facilities in Hartford, Wisconsin. AM-EX has extensive experience in replacing the existing tubesheets during condenser retubing projects. In addition, AM-EX has experience with a wide variety of materials such as Copper Nickel Tubing, Admiralty Tubing, Titanium Tubing, SeaCure Tubing, TP304 & TP316 Tubing, AL6XN, and various others. AM-EX is also capable of welding main steam condenser tubejoints in the field. 

When the time comes to retube, replace, or modular replace your condenser, contact AM-EX. 

AM-EX Condenser Retube - Tube Removal


AM-EX is a global supplier and service provider to the power generation markets. AM-EX specialize in the fabrication and service of Feedwater Heaters, Condensers, and all balance of plant shell and tube heat exchangers. 

When it comes time for your Main Steam Condenser Retube - Contact Your Experts at AM-EX!

AM-EX Secialize in the Repair Retube and Replacement of Turbine Lube Oil Coolers

February 8th, 2017 - Hartford Wisconsin

American Exchanger Services, Inc. or simply AM-EX for short specializes in the repair, Retube uprating, or replacement of Turbine Lube Oil Coolers. With decades of experience, choose AM-EX for your repair, retube, or replacement of your turbine lube oil coolers. We have both fossil and nuclear experience, along with experience in wide varieties of tube materials.

Contact Sales@amexservices.com for your turbine lube oil cooler requirements.

AM-EX Turbine Lube Oil Cooler Retube, Repair, Refurbishment, Replacement

About American Exchanger Services, Inc. (AM-EX): AM-EX is a global leader in heat transfer equipment. AM-EX specialize in the engineering, design, fabrication, and 24 hr emergency service of all auxiliary power plant shell and tube heat exchangers. AM-EX primary focus' are Feedwater Heaters, Main Steam Condensers, Turbine Lube Oil Coolers, Component Cooling Water Heat Exchangers (CCWs), Nuclear Fuel Pool Coolers, Glycol Heat Exchangers, and many others.

AM-EX is an HEI memeber company and an ASME code shop with U, R, and PP Stamps.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Interested In Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers?

February 2nd, 2017 - Hartford Wisconsin

Are you interested in Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers? Are you interested to learn more about the design codes and standards such as ASME, HEI, TEMA, and API? Check out the featured article and cover of Chemical Engineering! (Happens to also be authored by AM-EX president Thomas J. Muldoon). Link to Chemical Engineering Here: http://www.chemengonline.com/heat-exchanger-standards-for-shell-and-tube-equipment/


About AM-EX below:

American Exchanger Services, Inc. or simply AM-EX for short, specialize in the engineering, design, manufacturing, and 24 hour emergency service of all shell and tube heat transfer equipment. AM-EX particularly focus on High Pressure Feedwater Heaters, Low Pressure Feedwater Heaters, Intermediate Pressure Feedwater Heaters, Main Steam Condensers, Dump Condensers, Condensate Cooler Heat Exchangers, Component Cooling Water Heat Exchangers, Turbine Lube Oil Coolers, Glycol Heat Exchangers, Nuclear Fuel Pool Coolers, and many more.

AM-EX is an ASME Code Shop and HEI member company.

American Exchanger Services, Inc. (AM-EX) High Pressure Feedwater Heater

American Exchanger Services, Inc. (AM-EX) Nuclear Component Cooling Water Heat Exchanger 

American Exchanger Services, Inc. (AM-EX) Low Pressure Feedwater Heater

 is the leading High Pressure Feedwater Heater Manufacturer, Low Pressure Feedwater Heater Manufacturer, and Intermediate Pressure Feedwater Heater Manufacturer.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Chemical Engineering Publication - Heat Excanger Standards For Shell and Tube Equipment


Author: Thomas J Muldoon (President of American Exchanger Services, Inc.
February 1st, 2017

Please Click Here For a Link to the Publication

AM-EX is an HEI Member Company and an ASME Code Shop. AM-EX Specializes in the design and manufacturing of Feedwater Heaters, Condensers, CCW Heat Exchangers, Fuel Pool Coolers, and various other Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers. Please contact Sales@amexservices.com for details and additional information. AM-EX 

AM-EX also specializes in condenser retubing, and general heat exchanger retubes. 

AM-EX Designed and Fabricated Nuclear Fuel Pool Coolers
Contact Sales@amexservices.com for Details