Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Long Drains Cooler - Your Feedwater Heater Reliability Solution

American Exchanger Services, Inc. or simply (AM-EX) for short. AM-EX is an American Feedwater Heater Manufacturer with an emphasis on improvements in design, improvements in fabrication, improvements on deliveries, improvements of materials, etc. In this discussion, the focus is on the improvement of feedwater heater drains cooler zones by utilizing a long drains cooler design. The benefits of the long drains cooler design are well documented, particularly in EPRI. Contact AM-EX for details. AM-EX is an industry leader in the long drains cooler design and fabrication.

AM-EX Long Drains Cooler Design  

Photo Note 1: FWH is Shown Upside Down 
Photo Note 2: Drains Cooler Shown On Top
Photo Note 3: This Is A 4 Pass FWH 
According to EPRI conferences, improving feedwater heater reliability included the consideration for the use of a long partial pass drainscooler in horizontal feedwater heaters.  The results of these reports was a recommendation by EPRI to utilize the long drains cooler design for greater reliability over, what is now typical, short drains cooler design.

Why is the long drains cooler feedwater heater more reliable than a short drains cooler feedwater heater? The long drains cooler feedwater heater design is more robust and less sensitive to low pressure and off load operations. In addition, by design, there is no drainscooler end plate. Eliminating the drainscooler end plate from the feedwater heater will eliminate the potential for many problems associated with the short drains cooler feedwater heater. Submerging the shroud will also reduce the high cost of shroud welding issues.  

Why is the short drains cooler feedwater heater design not as reliable as a long drains cooler feedwater heater? The short drains cooler feedwater heater has provided reasonable service, however there have been many feedwater heaters replaced due issues with the design and operations associated with the drains cooler. Issues such as high drainscooler approach, shroud weld failure, water hammer within outlet piping and tube failures are just a few of the problems associated with the short drains cooler. Another major issue with the short drains cooler is with regards to the drains cooler end plate. steam in leakage through the tube annulus in the drains cooler end plate or through inadequate welding of the zone shrouds will result in tube failures within the zone. 

When it comes time to build your power plant, or replace existing feedwater heaters, let AM-EX design you the most reliable, cost effective, feedwater heaters.  

Please inquire with the author of this blog for full details regarding the long drains cooler design, and how it is applicable to your needs. 

Kellen Muldoon 

Note - EPRI has a seminar on Feedwater Heaters August 2nd, 2016.

*AM-EX is an American Feedwater Heater Manufacturer
**Choose AM-EX as your Feedwater Heater Manufacturer


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