Tuesday, October 18, 2016

High Pressure Feedwater Heaters Packaged and Ready For Shipment - October 2016

10.18.2016 - Hartford Wisconsin, USA

American Exchanger Services, Inc. or simply (AM-EX) for short was awarded a rush project for three (3) high pressure feedwater heaters (HP Feedwater Heaters or HP FWH). This project was a rush project and AM-EX was only given 16 weeks from the time of purchase order to the time of project completion, successful hydro, and readiness for export. AM-EX accepted the rush project, and was able to meet the customer requirements. The tubing for these HP Feedwater Heaters was to be SA213 T22.

AM-EX HP Feedwater Heater 1, HP Feedwater Heater 2, HP Feedwater Heater 3, along with Pressure Relief Valves Ready For Export

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A message about AM-EX: 

AM-EX is a manufacturer of the highest quality and most efficient heat transfer equipment such as high pressure and low pressure feedwater heaters, main steam condensers, and other miscellaneous shell and tube heat transfer equipment. AM-EX is an HEI member company, and an ASME code shop.

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