Friday, January 13, 2017

American Exchanger Services, Inc (AM-EX) - American Nuclear Fuel Pool Cooler Manufacturer -

January 13, 2017 - Hartford Wisconsin USA 

American Exchanger Services, Inc. or simply AM-EX for short is an ASME Code Shop and HEI Memeber Company. AM-EX specializes in Nuclear HEI Power Plant Heat Exchangers. In particular AM-EX is a skilled engineering company and Manufacturer of Nuclear Fuel Pool Cooler(s). AM-EX can manufacture Nuclear Fuel Pool Coolers for new nuclear power plant construction or AM-EX can manufacture Nuclear Fuel Pool Cooler(s) for replacements at existing Nuclear facilities. AM-EX has extensive experience with regards to Nuclear Fuel Pool Cooler design, engineering, and manufacturing. When it is time to either specify out for new construction, or to replace the existing, Nuclear Fuel Pool Coolers, make sure to specify AM-EX

Contact AM-EX at or +1-262-670-6600 x 104

AM-EX Nuclear Fuel Pool Coolers
AM-EX is the leading manufacturer for Nuclear Fuel Pool Coolers
About AM-EX: AM-EX is a leading manufacturer of Nuclear Power Plant Heat Exchangers, in particular Nuclear Fuel Pool Cooler(s), Nuclear Feedwater Heater(s), Nuclear Component Cooling Water Heat Exchanger(s) (CCW Heat Exchangers), Nuclear Condensate Coolers, Nuclear Heat Exchanger Service, Etc. AM-EX is an HEI Member company, and an ASME Code Shop. All engineering for Nuclear generation customers is at our Engineering Office in Milwaukee Wisconsin, and all manufacturing for our Nuclear generation customers is at our facilities in Hartford Wisconsin. 

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