Wednesday, February 8, 2017

February Condenser Retube - American Exchanger Services, Inc. - Main Steam Condenser Retubing Experts

February 8th 2017 - United States of America 

American Exchanger Services, Inc. (AM-EX) has decades of main steam condenser retube experience. AM-EX first main steam condenser retube was in 1986. AM-EX has full manufacturing capabilities to support any of our customers requirements. In the event that a replacement tubesheet is required during the main steam condenser retube, AM-EX has the capabilities to CNC machine and drill any size condenser tubesheet at our facilities in Hartford, Wisconsin. AM-EX has extensive experience in replacing the existing tubesheets during condenser retubing projects. In addition, AM-EX has experience with a wide variety of materials such as Copper Nickel Tubing, Admiralty Tubing, Titanium Tubing, SeaCure Tubing, TP304 & TP316 Tubing, AL6XN, and various others. AM-EX is also capable of welding main steam condenser tubejoints in the field. 

When the time comes to retube, replace, or modular replace your condenser, contact AM-EX. 

AM-EX Condenser Retube - Tube Removal


AM-EX is a global supplier and service provider to the power generation markets. AM-EX specialize in the fabrication and service of Feedwater Heaters, Condensers, and all balance of plant shell and tube heat exchangers. 

When it comes time for your Main Steam Condenser Retube - Contact Your Experts at AM-EX!

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