Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Replacing a Tube Bundle for this LP Feedwater Heater

AM-EX is your source for Feedwater Heater Retubing and Rebundling services, either onsite or at our facilities. It is generally preferred to perform this work at AM-EX facilities, however every job is different, and has different requirements. AM-EX has a long, deep rooted, experience list with regards to retubing Low Pressure (LP) Feedwater Heaters and High Pressure (HP) Feedwater Heaters.

In the photograph below, AM-EX unloads an entire LP Feedwater Heater from a customer. The LP Feedwater Heater photographed will be replaced with an AM-EX manufactured replacement LP Feedwater Heater Tube Bundle (New Tubes, New Tubesheet, New Support Plates, New Baffles, Etc).

AM-EX Retubing Low Pressure (LP) Feedwater Heater (FWH)
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