Tuesday, May 31, 2016

AM-EX Explosive Tube Joint Welding

When it comes to engineering and manufacturing of High Pressure Feedwater Heaters, tubejoint selection is critical. To meet your highest degree of reliability, explosive tubejoint welding provides the highest level of tubejoint integrity possible. This solid state joining of metals provides a level of strength, corrosion resistance and leak tightness, which is equal to the parent metals. Since in explosive welding there is no melting and re-solidification of the materials, there is no significant change to the material properties. The weld remains protected from the operating fluids since it is located in the bore of the tubehole. Since the process involves an internal expansion, there are no high residual thermal stresses as a result of the cooling off of the weld. In traditional welded tunejoints, the hot tube is welded, and wants to shrink after cooling off. The explosive process is essentially a cold process with no heat effected zone. The welds come from achieving significant material reduction in mechanical strength to the point where the materials are acting as liquids while at the same time as applying a high interfacial pressure. The key point with explosive tube joint welding is that the faster you move a metal, the lower is its' strength. 

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