Thursday, November 17, 2016

Do you need to replace your Feedwater Heater? Podgrzewacze Regeneracyjne, Speisewasservorwärmer, Speisewassererhitzer, ohříváky napájecí vody

Is your Feedwater Heater underperforming? Has your Feedwater Heater been in service for decades? Are you constantly opening and closing your Feedwater Heaters? Are you isolating your heaters for plugging? Is your Feedwater Heater over the recommended plugging margin?

If so, contact your Feedwater Heater experts at American Exchanger Services, Inc., or simply AM-EX for short.

AM-EX is capable of providing:

1) New (EPC) Feedwater Heaters (LP Feedwater Heaters, HP Feedwater Heaters, IP Feedwater Heaters)

2) Replacement Feedwater Heaters (LP Feedwater Heaters, HP Feedwater Heaters, IP Feedwater Heaters)

3) Feedwater Heater Rebudle and Design Modification

4) High Pressure Feedwater Heater Retubing (HP Feedwater Heater)

5) Low Pressure Feedwater Heater Retubing (LP Feedwater Heater)

6) Feedwater Heater Engineering Analysis

7) AM-EX Feedwater Heater Explosive Tube Plugging

8) Misc. Feedwater Heater Repair Services

9) 24 hrs a day - 7 days a week international emergency Feedwater Heater Field Service

Contact your Feedwater Heater Experts at

AM-EX is an HEI member company, and an ASME Code Shop.

AM-EX is here to work with our customers across the globe if you call our equipment Feedwater Heater, Condensate Pre-Heater, Podgrzewacze Regeneracyjne, Speisewasservorwärmer, Speisewassererhitzer, ohříváky napájecí vody, or подогреватели
питательной воды. Contact for details

AM-EX Podgrzewacze Regeneracyjne
AM-EX Speisewasservorwärmer (Speisewassererhitzer)
AM-EX ohříváky napájecí vody
AM-EX подогревателипитательной воды


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