Monday, November 14, 2016

Low Pressure Feedwater Heater Refurbishment

November 14, 2016 - Hartford, Wisconsin

It is hard to believe that the photographed feedwater heater was fabricated decades ago. American Exchanger Services, Inc., or simply AM-EX for short, has completely overhauled, and replaced the bundle, to this old low pressure feedwater heater. The material in the old design was admiralty. AM-EX redesigned the new feedwater heater bundle with TP304 Stainless Steel. AM-EX was able to meet the same performance of the admiralty feedwater heater by utilizing design modifications on the replacement TP304 feedwater heater bundle. 

AM-EX Low Pressure (LP) Feedwater Heater Bundle Replacement

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AM-EX specializes in the design of feedwater heaters, fabrication of feedwater heaters, manufacturing of feedwater heaters, repair of feedwater heaters, retubing of feedwater heaters, rebundle of low pressure feedwater heatesr, and explosive tube plugging of high pressure feedwater heaters. 

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